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    - Bill Dykas

    The Internet of Things (IoT) describes a smart device network using the internet to enhance human life. Think of a refrigerator that tells you when you’re low on orange juice or a vehicle fitted with various sensors that alert your phone when a tire’s air is low. These use cases are only two of a […] The post An IoT Glossary: Definitions of 10 Terms You Need to Know to Understand the Internet of Things appeared first on Telit.

    - Gianmarco Zanda

    The Galileo global navigation satellite system (GNSS), named for the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, initially went live in 2016 in Europe. It is a highly accurate, civilian-controlled, state-of-the-art positioning system that works with GPS in the U.S. and GLONASS in Russia. As it provides dual-frequency as standard, Galileo offers real-time positioning with precision down to the […] The post What Is the Galileo Global Navigation Satellite System? appeared first on Telit.

    - Ricardo Buranello

    What Is the Concept of a Virtual Factory? For a decade, the first Friday in October has been designated as National Manufacturing Day. This day begins a month-long events schedule at manufacturing companies nationwide to attract talent to modern manufacturing careers. For some period, manufacturing went out of fashion. Young tech talents preferred software and […] The post What Is a Virtual Factory? The Future of Integrated Manufacturing appeared first on Telit.

    - Scott Ellis

    Businesses and corporations worldwide use 3G for industry-specific applications. 3G has been driving the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) from CCTV camera data transmission to remote equipment communication. U.S. and European operators plan to sunset 3G networks, freeing bandwidth for faster 4G and 5G signals. The process has begun in the U.S. Most U.S. operators […] The post 4 Steps to Prepare Your Business for the 3G Sunset appeared first on Telit.

    - Mihai Voicu

    While IoT applications offer many benefits, they also come with increased security risks. Each device added to the network represents a potentially vulnerable endpoint. According to research from IDC, the number of IoT devices will grow to beyond 41 million by 2025. Organizations can’t afford to ignore this. By the time risks of compromise arise, […] The post 5 Essential Steps to Secure Enterprise IoT Deployments appeared first on Telit.

    - Telit

    5G brings instant, reliable machine-type communication (MTC) across verticals to support new and existing applications. Millimeter wave (mmWave) and sub-6 GHz are definitive parts of this new 5G landscape. 5G’s massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antennas multiply the radio linkage’s spectral efficiency, critical for higher frequencies. These antenna arrays can reach hundreds of elements in mmWave […] The post FAQ: Everything You Need to Know about 5G mmWave and Sub-6 Antennas appeared first on Telit.

    - Telit

    A series of Wi-Fi security weaknesses have been discovered by Belgian security expert Mathy Vanhoef, involving faults and bugs that date back to 1997, when Wi-Fi was first released. Fragmentation and aggregation attacks (FragAttacks) are a collection of security weaknesses that target Wi-Fi devices. FragAttacks enable malicious actors within Wi-Fi radio range to steal personal […] The post What You Need to Know about FragAttacks appeared first on Telit.

    - Mihai Voicu

    In the faster, smaller digital age, better cybersecurity begins with smarter network solutions. For enterprise networks looking to expand their capabilities, a secure, ultrahigh-speed wireless connection is just the beginning. Cellular technology is evolving every day to meet on-the-go mobile solutions for businesses and industries. According to analysis from IHS Markit, there will be 125 […] The post How Secure 5G Networks Are Mitigating IoT Cybersecurity Challenges  appeared first on Telit.

    - Mihai Voicu

    A new cybersecurity threat has surfaced touching the IoT space. On December 8, 2020, Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute described Amnesia:33 as a vulnerability caused by memory management bugs in multiple open-source embedded TCP/IP stacks. Amnesia:33 is a set of 33 vulnerabilities touching open-source TCP/IP stacks including uIP, FNET, picoTCP and Nut/Net. These open-source […] The post What You Need to Know about Amnesia:33 appeared first on Telit.

    - Marco Stracuzzi

    Many utilities around the globe are already in their second or third generation of smart meters. Updating is a complex process involving production and design support, logistics and field maintenance plans. They must replace thousands or millions of smart meter IoT devices and make crucial decisions about cellular protocols and connectivity options. The Top 3 […] The post 3 Considerations for Utilities Updating Smart Meter Technology appeared first on Telit.


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