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    - Brian Bandell

    This is the world's largest franchisor of its kind.

    - Brian Bandell

    The project would cost $8 million to develop.

    - Ashley Portero

    The company's platform creates digital toys that consumers can purchase, play with and sell.

    - Brian Bandell

    The developer filed plans to rezone the property.

    - Julian Quintana

    Silversea Cruises, the ultra-luxury brand owned by Miami-based cruise company Royal Caribbean Group, will debut fuel-efficient hybrid vessels in summer 2023. The ships, referred to as Project Evolution, will use three types of power sources to provide a more efficient and environmentally friendly voyage experience. This technology will also allow ships to be free of emissions while at port. No other cruise company currently has this capability. "Silversea's newest ship class is a significant leap…

    - Brian Bandell

    The project would include residential and commercial space.

    - Susan Lundine

    See which industries took off and how the area stacked up against other cities.

    - Brian Bandell

    The property had a big increase in value.

    - Brian Bandell

    Hyatt wants to extend its lease with the city and redevelop the property.

    - Brian Bandell

    This site has been approved for single-family homes.


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