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    - Ashton Kroeger, Contributing Writer

    With November being Vegan Month, students have expressed their concern with the university’s vegan dining options. Vegan Month commemorates when veganism became its own branch of vegetarianism in 1994. That same year, World Vegan Day was also launched, which takes place on Nov. 1.  Veganism differs from vegetarianism in that it prohibits the consumption and...

    - Richard Pereira, Sports Editor

    FAU men’s basketball (3-4) played the sixth of their nine-game homestand in the Burrow at Abessinio Court Sunday afternoon, falling 69-65 at the hands of James Madison University (6-2). After going down 15-7 in the first nine minutes of the game, sophomore guard Bryan Greenlee made three consecutive three-pointers to keep the deficit close. Thanks...

    - Richard Pereira, Sports Editor

    The FAU Owls (5-7, 3-5 C-USA) played their final game of the regular season at home in FAU Stadium at Howard Schnellenberger Field, losing 27-17 to Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) (6-6, 4-4 C-USA). With the loss, FAU will not be eligible to play in a bowl game for the first time since 2018, where...

    - Cameron Priester, Staff Writer

    FAU women’s basketball (2-4) lost their second and final game of the FAU Thanksgiving Tournament in the Burrow at Abessinio Court 61-58 to the Davidson University Wildcats (5-2) Saturday afternoon.  The Owls got off to a great start going on a 6-0 run in the first five minutes of the first quarter and allowing no...

    - Richard Pereira, Sports Editor

    FAU women’s basketball (2-3) kicked off their Thanksgiving Tournament in the Burrow at Abessinio Court with a 70-68 defeat against the University of Tulsa (5-0) Friday afternoon. The Owls got off to a solid start in the first quarter, limiting Tulsa to just 11 points on 4-14 shooting. They locked down Tulsa’s starting players to...

    - University Press Sports Staff

    The FAU Owls will play their last game of the regular season at home against Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) on Saturday, Nov. 27 at 7 p.m. Suffering a three-game losing streak, head coach Willie Taggart needs the team to find their rhythm with bowl eligibility still in reach. The University Press Sports Staff gives...

    - Richard Pereira, Sports Editor

    The FAU Owls return home to Boca Raton, Fla. in what will be their last game of the regular season against Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) on Saturday. Entering the home finale on a three-game losing streak with the hopes of bowl eligibility still possible, head coach Willie Taggart said that it all starts with...

    - Kizzy Azcarate, Entertainment Editor

    As finals loom around the corner, Thanksgiving break is the last breath of fresh air before students bury themselves in textbooks, PDF files, and Quizlet. Students take the four-day break to unite with their families and hometown friends, leaving the campus deserted aside from the international students who may not celebrate the holiday. Peruvian native,...

    - Richard Pereira, Eston Parker III, and Kevin Garcia

    Sports Editor Richard Pereira, Photo Editor Eston Parker III, and staff writer Kevin Garcia talk about FAU football’s third straight loss this season, how Alijah Martin is making strides for FAU men’s basketball, the firing of head coach Luke Walton from the Sacramento Kings during the fifth week of the 2021-22 NBA season, and more!

    - Caroline Little, Staff Writer

    Kiara Wilson, a film major, walked slowly through the Schmidt Center Gallery allowing her eyes to pass over the sculptures, photographs, and paintings on display at this year’s “Biennial Faculty Art Exhibition.” She stopped to examine a ceramic sculpture on a pedestal, an abstract, pale-yellow mound covered in petal-like shapes. “I know when I show...


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