Keshava Radha Yoga


    Hatha yoga is an endless path where each Asana is an invitation to promote awareness, recognize tension and practice to relax it.
    ​Keshava Radha Yoga specializes in this beneficial practice by encouraging slow, meditative practice emphasizing breath and awareness while creating physical and emotional balance, as well as strength and flexibility. Our Hatha Yoga classes include Vinyasa (Flow), Asanas (Posture), Pranayama (breathing exercises) and relaxation.

    We offer complimentary mats so you don’t need to bring one, just come in comfortable clothes and do not eat 2 hours before the class.

    New student intro offer: 30 days of unlimited yoga classes ~ $39

    For any further information visit:
    Or call 917-849-9716
    See you in class ~

    Keshava Radha Yoga
    Notice:During this time of National Emergency, this business has adjusted hours and/or operations explained below:*
    Adjusted National Emergency Hours:CLOSED
    Special Notice to Customers & Employees:See our Facebook Page for updates:
    1700 N Dixie Hwy
    Boca Raton 33432
    NAICS:611699 All Other Miscellaneous Schools and Instruction
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    Please drive carefully, patiently and kindly.

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