City Hall


    Read this alert about the Declaration of STATE OF EMERGENCY

    Read this alert about cancelled classes and services



    City Hall
    Notice:During this time of National Emergency, this business has adjusted hours and/or operations explained below:*
    Adjusted National Emergency Hours:On Wednesday, March 18, 2020, all City facilities, parks and beaches will be CLOSED until further notice
    Special Notice to Customers & Employees:Residents are encouraged to use online services in lieu of visiting city offices.
    201 West Palmetto Park Road
    Boca Raton FL 33432
    Phone:(561) 393-7700

    * The publisher of this website assumes no responsiblity for the accuracy or timeliness of this information. Use the information here at your own risk. It is best to confirm whether a location is actually opened or not using a secondary method: the business website, recent social media postings, texting, emailing, or verbally on the telephone.

    Please drive carefully, patiently and kindly.


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