YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Gets ‘Freedom Expression’ Award Sponsored By YouTube


    An anonymous reader quotes a report from Newsweek: YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki received a “Free Expression” award from the Freedom Forum Institute in a virtual ceremony sponsored by YouTube, an online video platform owned by Google. On Thursday, YouTube creator Molly Burke presented Wojcicki with the accolade in a video shared to the platform. “I’m so excited to be here tonight to present Susan Wojcicki with the Free Expression award. As the CEO of YouTube, Susan is facing some of the most critical issues around free expression today,” Burke said. Following the ceremony, some Twitter users mocked Wojcicki for receiving an award that was sponsored by her own platform. “YouTube CEO won a Free Speech award…sponsored by YouTube. Hahahahhhaahhhahhahahahaaaaaaa,” one user wrote. Another wrote, “Lol, youtube receiving an award for free expression/pro first amendment is Orwellian s***. What’s next, Facebook getting an award for respecting privacy?” Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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