Would You Kiss Pope Francis’ Ring During a Pandemic? These People Did.


    Catholic Sat TVROME—In what looks exactly like a pre-pandemic video, Pope Francis held a meet-and-greet after a Mass with refugees and clergy to celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday. The video, which was posted to social media Monday, shows a maskless pontiff standing far closer to other maskless clergy than COVID-19 rules allow. A steady line of worshipers pass in front of him, complete with ring-kissing, hand-shaking, and maskless selfies, despite Italy staggering through a third wave of the pandemic.Vatican expert Robert Mickens pointed out the obvious message it sent. “It’s tiring to have to keep pointing out that this is totally irresponsible behavior, that it’s hypocritical and sets a very bad example,” he wrote on Twitter. “Pontifex is not beyond criticism. But most in the media are not even reporting this.”Francis, who has been vaccinated along with all employees of the Holy See, has seemingly shrugged off guidelines that he should still wear a mask if he cannot stay socially distanced. The video clearly shows no one in his entourage wearing a mask, and those who are masked up in the receiving line lowered their masks to kiss his ring—which was not sanitized between mouths.Read more at The Daily Beast.


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