Will Prince Andrew Pay His Way Out of His Epstein Mess?


    Jon Thys/GettyPrince Andrew may well end up making a financial settlement with Virginia Giuffre, legal experts have told The Daily Beast, after lawyers for the prince participated at the 11th hour in the American legal process this week.Any such settlement would, of course, likely be couched in carefully negotiated verbiage specifying that Andrew did not admit to anything untoward. There would be no official admission of guilt. Individuals would be left to draw their own conclusions as to what such a payment would signify.Giuffre’s legal team did not respond to a request by The Daily Beast for comment. However that team, led by attorney David Boies, has clearly cast the civil lawsuit as a moral crusade, saying in court filings, for example, that it is “long past the time for [Andrew] to be held to account,” suggesting that any settlement that explicitly exonerated Andrew might be a bitter pill to swallow. Read more at The Daily Beast.


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