WHO Official Says Coronavirus Containment Remains Possible


    Even as the number of new coronavirus infections continues to spiral upward in countries around the world, a top global health expert says it’s not too late to contain the virus. “As long as you have these discrete outbreaks … there is the opportunity to control them — to get on top of these and contain them and prevent a lot of disease and ultimately death,” says Dr. Bruce Aylward, a senior adviser to the director-general of the World Health Organization. “That’s the big message we saw in China — and one of the big surprises.” Aylward led a fact-finding trip in China in February on behalf of the World Health Organization. He says the experience there altered his view of what can be done. “They actually changed the course of a respiratory-borne outbreak without a vaccine, which was extraordinary,” says Aylward. The number of daily new cases in China went from around 2,000 just a few weeks ago to less than 100 in recent days. But Aylward says other countries may be taking the wrong


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