White House Official Delivers Speech In Mandarin To Send Coronavirus Message


    A top aide to President Trump on Monday delivered a critique of the Chinese government’s efforts to clamp down on free speech in a speech delivered in Mandarin and seemingly aimed at the Chinese public. Deputy national security adviser Matt Pottinger, who worked as a journalist in China early in his career, hailed two “brave” Chinese doctors who raised early alarms about the coronavirus and faced retribution from the Chinese government. “When small acts of bravery are stamped out by governments, big acts of bravery follow,” Pottinger said in remarks streamed for a virtual symposium held by the University of Virginia’s Miller Center. Pottinger’s remarks come as the White House and the Chinese government have been engaging in increasingly heated rhetoric toward each other over the handling of the coronavirus outbreak. He said he hoped delivering his speech in Mandarin would “open up a conversation with friends in China and around the world.” The Miller Center / YouTube Pottinger


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