Watch: Rand Paul Warns Health Authoritarians “Are Hysterical About The Unvaccinated”


    Watch: Rand Paul Warns Health Authoritarians “Are Hysterical About The Unvaccinated” Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News, Senator Rand Paul warned in an interview Friday that health officials are acting ‘hysterical’ when it comes to unvaccinated people, and that what they are claiming is “actually the opposite of the truth.” In the appearance on the Ingraham Angle, Paul referred to his epic encounter with Biden health secretary Xavier Becerra last week in which the Senator blasted Becerra for ignoring the robust protection natural immunity brings. “For those of us who’ve had the disease and survived, we’re more at risk in being around only vaccinated people. So these people are hysterical about the unvaccinated, it’s actually the opposite of the truth,” Paul told host Laura Ingraham. The Senator continued, “The riskiest people to catch it from are people who are vaccinated versus people who have had the disease. Now there are some people who are unvaccinated who haven’t had the disease and I do recommend that they voluntarily get the vaccine.” Paul added “But the thing is, think of all the doctors, think of all … the orderlies in the hospital who worked for a year and a half to save lives, without any vaccine at all – they got Covid, they survived, they now have immunity, and the hospitals are just saying, ‘You’re worthless, we’re getting rid of you,’ unless you submit to a vaccine.” “It doesn’t go with the science,” Paul urged, further adding “The science actually shows greater immunity if you’ve had the disease than if you’ve just simply been vaccinated.” Paul also commented on Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein’s attempts to introduce legislation to prevent unvaccinated Americans from traveling domestically, calling it “a terrible idea,” and adding “it goes against the basic idea of a free society.” Watch: Watch the latest video at *  *  * Brand new merch now available! Get it at In the age of mass Silicon Valley censorship It is crucial that we stay in touch. We need you to sign up for our free newsletter here. Support our sponsor – Turbo Force – a supercharged boost of clean energy without the comedown. Also, we urgently need your financial support here. Tyler Durden Mon, 10/04/2021 – 14:25


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