Volunteers Spot Almost 100 Cold Brown Dwarfs Near Our Sun


    Citizen scientists have spotted almost 100 of our sun’s nearest neighbors. Space.com reports: In a new study, members of the public — including both professional scientists and volunteers — discovered 95 brown dwarfs (celestial objects too big to be considered planets and too small to be considered stars) near our sun through the NASA-funded citizen science project Backyard Worlds: Planet 9. They made this discovery with the help of astronomers using the National Science Foundations National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory. Brown dwarfs are unusual celestial objects — much heavier than planets but not massive enough to become stars. The celestial objects can be seriously hot (think thousands of degrees Fahrenheit), but these 95 newly-discovered neighbors are surprisingly cool. Some of these weird worlds are even relatively close to Earth’s temperature and could be cool enough to have water clouds in their atmospheres, according to the statement. Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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