Virtual Tours: Fort Lauderdale Museums Move Programs Online


    WLRN depends on donors to remain South Florida’s leading nonprofit, most trusted source of news and information. Support our mission by giving monthly as a sustaining member of Friends of WLRN or make a one-time donation of your choice. Thank you. Click here to give . Museums have had to shut their doors due to concerns about COVID-19 spreading among crowds. But many institutions are ensuring people can access their programs and tours in a new way: online. You can tour the Palace of Versailles in France through Google Arts & Culture, and enter the Museo Frida Kahlo in Mexico City from your couch. The Art Institute of Chicago has an app for a mobile experience, and The Met’s famous 360 video project is getting a new following. Closer to home, several museums and historic places in Broward County are joining the movement. Tours and other programming are now virtually accessible, and some specifically geared toward kids stuck at home. “We recognized our obligation as a museum to do


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