Venezuela Displays Military Boats & Weapons It Says Were Part Of US Mercenary Invasion


    Venezuela Displays Military Boats & Weapons It Says Were Part Of US Mercenary Invasion Via The failed attempt of US mercenaries operating from Colombia to stage a coup in Venezuela continues developing with more and more details appearing. On May 9, Venezuela’s military said it seized three abandoned Colombian light combat boats that soldiers found in the Orinoco river area. Colombian military boats displayed via Venezuelan state media. This happened several days after the government accused its neighbor of aiding a failed invasion staged by US mercenaries. The Defense Ministry said the boats were equipped with machine guns and ammunition, but had no crew, adding they were discovered as part of a nationwide operation to guarantee Venezuela’s “freedom and sovereignty.” Colombia’s Navy said that boats were just dragged away by strong river currents. Probably, US mercenaries also appeared in Venezuela thanks to ‘strong currents’ in the area. Machine guns and ammunition said to be recovered as part of the investigation into last week’s mercenary invasion of Venezuela: The Guardian described previouslys: An American mercenary captured after a bungled attempt to topple Nicolás Maduro has claimed he was on a mission to seize control of Venezuela’s main airport in order to abduct its authoritarian leader – and he alleged that was acting under the command of Donald Trump. …In a heavily edited video confession, broadcast on Wednesday by the state broadcaster, VTV, Denman said he had flown to Colombia in mid-January, where he was tasked with training Venezuelan combatants near Riohacha, a city 55 miles west from the Venezuelan border. From there Denman – who said he had never previously set foot in either South American country – claimed the group planned to journey to Caracas to “secure” the city and the nearby Simón Bolívar international airport, before bringing down Maduro. The group of a least a dozen men, who were trained by Florida-based private security firm Silvercorp, reportedly tried to sneak into Venezuela via fishing boats a week ago, but were caught soon after stepping foot on land. Tyler Durden Sun, 05/10/2020 – 21:00


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