U.S. Expands Europe Travel Ban To U.K. And Ireland


    RENEE MONTAGNE, HOST: President Trump is expanding the European coronavirus travel ban to include the U.K. and Ireland. That will start Monday at midnight. And he said today he’s considering domestic travel restrictions. He’s been widely criticized for an initial slow and muddled response to the outbreak. The president has tried to reassure Americans this past week that the government is doing everything in its power to control the spread of the virus. He declared a national emergency, which will help get federal funds and medical care to states and cities that need it. Joining us now is NPR science correspondent Richard Harris. Good morning. RICHARD HARRIS, BYLINE: Hi, Renee. MONTAGNE: Now, the European travel ban went into effect last night – that travelers returning from Europe now going through 13 specific airports in the U.S. And today Vice President Pence said they will expand that ban to the U.K. and Ireland. What impact might that have? HARRIS: Well, to the extent that they’re


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