U.S. Chamber Of Commerce: Businesses Are Worried About Getting Sued As They Reopen


    Several states and local governments are allowing businesses to reopen with certain restrictions and conditions regarding social distancing and cleaning measures. But what happens when an employee gets COVID-19 on the job and says the employer should have done more to stop it? The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says businesses are worried about being sued as they navigate reopening. The group says concerns about health privacy, age discrimination claims and requirements for providing personal protective equipment have employers anxious. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has warned of an ” avalanche of lawsuits ” against businesses and said he wants liability protections in new coronavirus aid measures. Democrats have called it a “nonstarter.” Remington Gregg of Public Citizen, a progressive consumer advocacy group, told NPR last week that McConnell’s proposal would “make it even more difficult for workers to ensure that they were in safe working environments.” Neil Bradley, the


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