Thomas Markle Threatens Meghan Markle With Monthly Interviews to Make Her Start Loving Him Again


    Thomas Markle went on British TV on Monday morning and lifted the lid on a novel strategy he has developed as part of his quest to be reconciled with his daughter: Giving a media interview every 30 days until she speaks with him.Given that this naked threat to pour humiliation and bile on his daughter, whom he professes to love, appears unlikely to motivate Meghan to lift the phone, this raises the existential question of who will get bored of the bitter ravings of Thomas Markle first: him, the viewers, the executives signing the checks, or Piers Morgan, Britain’s Meghan-baiter in chief who has become his favored confessor and conducted today’s effort.The live TV interview this morning came after a 90-minute documentary Markle recorded with British TV network Channel 5.Read more at The Daily Beast.


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