The Virus Has Come to a Place With No Escape


    The coronavirus has come for the Metropolitan Correctional Center, and it arrived in the worst possible place.As a 69-year-old man who lived in the storied federal jail for most of 2019, I can tell you that social distancing—even if it was a concept that anybody inside the facility’s walls understood—would be virtually impossible to establish.At the MCC, prisoners in all but one unit are housed two to a cell—a 70-or-so-square foot cell. They use the same toilet there, and of course gather for meals, socializing, and television watching in close quarters. That’s bad enough! But making matters worse, the prisoner with the coronavirus was housed in 11 South, the facility’s only dormitory unit. Which means that the prisoner who contracted the virus lived in exceptionally close quarters with other prisoners compared to the housing arrangement in the other units. Read more at The Daily Beast.


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