The Real-Life Horror Film Set During Wuhan’s 76-Day COVID-19 Lockdown


    76 Days LLCIn the first seconds of 76 Days, a shaky camera follows a group of hospital nurses sprinting down a hallway in a panicked rush. They’re almost indecipherable in their urgency, all wearing matching protective gear: chemical contamination bodysuits hooded over their head, their eyes barely visible through fogged goggles and face shields. Setting one woman apart in the tense scene is her piercing, devastated wail as their dash leads them to a closed hospital room door. “Papa!” she yells.On the other side of the door, the woman’s father has just lost his battle with COVID-19. For her safety and for the good of the hospital, she can’t see him one last time, left only to scream, “Papa you’ll forever stay in my heart. Forever!” as he is wheeled past her in a body bag. Her colleagues both try to restrain her and calm her. She can’t let her grief compound the debilitating stress she and the rest of the workers are under. Her afternoon shift will soon start. It is Jan. 23, the first day that China locked down Wuhan, the city of 11 million people that was ground zero for the global pandemic that is now approaching one million deaths. There is already a shortage of beds in the hospital, and staff’s only recourse for rejuvenation is to catnap on benches for minutes at a time when they can find them. This man has just freed another bed, and she will have much more work to do.Read more at The Daily Beast.


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