Terrorists Are Still Among Us. Can Brain Scans Expose Them?


    GettyWhat makes terrorists tick? This is the Holy Grail of terrorism studies, as well as the animating conundrum in virtually every news story about all those ever so “normal” terrorists next door, whether jihadi or white supremacist. In this new age of vanished normalcy, where a deadly virus has killed over 50,000 and resulted in lockdowns across the globe, the concerns of terrorism scholars might seem antiquated, but on Saturday a remnant from the old world returned with a vengeance. In a small town in Southeast France a Sudanese man went on a stabbing rampage in a tobacconist and outside a bakery, killing two and wounding five. Once again we ask, with renewed urgency and perplexity: What makes such men tick? Why would someone want to kill and die in defense of a holy cause? (The attacker, named as Abdallah A.O., reportedly implored the police to kill him when they arrived on the scene.)Read more at The Daily Beast.


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