Stockholm Won’t Reach Herd Immunity In May, Sweden’s Chief Epidemiologist Says


    Sweden’s controversial approach to fighting the coronavirus pandemic has so far failed to produce the expected results, and there are calls within the country for the government to change its strategy. “We have a very vivid political debate,” Karin Olofsdotter, Sweden’s ambassador to the United States, told NPR. “I don’t think people are protesting on the streets but … there’s a very big debate, if this [strategy] is the right thing to do or not, on Facebook and everywhere.” Unlike its Nordic neighbors, Sweden decided against instituting a strict lockdown. The government has enforced social distancing rules, but decided to keep most bars, restaurants, schools and retail shops open. The country’s strategy relies on public cooperation to slow the spread and not overwhelm the country’s hospital system. Health officials also hoped that keeping the country open would mean its younger, not-at-risk population would develop immunity against the virus, potentially leading to herd immunity. Dr


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