South Dakota Doctors Could Face Criminal Charges Over Prescribing Puberty Blockers for Trans Teens


    Photo Illustration by The Daiy Beast / Photos GettyGetting prescribed testosterone before the age of 18 was a “very lucky” experience for Andrew C. in terms of his mental health, but that does not mean it was a simple process.Andrew is a 17-year-old trans high schooler who lives outside of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and told The Daily Beast the many steps he had to take to be prescribed testosterone for hormone replacement therapy. First, he needed to complete eight sessions with a psychiatrist to be evaluated for a reference letter recommending HRT. Next, he had to wait around a month to get an appointment with the only endocrinologist in Sioux Falls that would prescribe testosterone to minors.Once Andrew met with the endocrinologist he had to undergo blood-work, discuss the changes that would come from undergoing HRT and learn how to properly self-administer testosterone injections. During every step of the process, Andrew’s parents needed to provide consent. From start to finish it took around six months to get a prescription for testosterone to begin medically transitioning. Read more at The Daily Beast.


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