Scotland Is on Track To Hit 100% Renewable Energy This Year


    United Nations scientists have warned that most countries are on track to totally botch the climate goals needed to curb catastrophic global warming. But there’s at least one bright spot. From a report: Scotland is on track to move its energy sector to 100 percent renewables by the end of this year. That’s just in time to host the United Nations’ international climate talks in November. At least someone’s doing something right. Environmental organization Scottish Renewables put together a report tracking the country’s renewable progress. It shows Scotland renewables provided 76 percent of the electricity consumption based on 2018 data in the report, and the percentage is expected to keep rising and will reach 100 percent soon. That’s because unlike many countries, Scotland is actually moving away from fossil fuels rapidly. Scots have completely kicked coal, shutting down the nation’s last coal-fired power plant in 2016. And it only has one working fossil fuel-based energy source left, a gas-fired plant in Aberdeenshire (though two more gas plants are slated to be built). Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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