Scientists Detect ‘Unknown or Unanticipated’ Burst of Gravitational Waves In Space


    iONiUM writes: LIGO has detected gravitational waves deep in space. The source is currently unknown. The Independent reports: “Scientists think they have detected an ‘unknown or unanticipated’ burst of gravitational waves coming from somewhere deep in space. The wobble in spacetime was picked up unexpectedly by the LIGO experiment, which was specifically built to detect gravitational waves. Astronomers have a picture of what part of the sky the burst originated from, and will look to find more information about its source by further studying the area. But for now there is very little indication of what could have caused the blast, which sent ripples through the fabric of the universe that were detected by LIGO in recent hours. Errors of this kind are predicted to happen only once every 25 years, indicating that the burst probably did really come from an astrophysical event.” In case anyone is worried, it’s already been confirmed Betelgeuse is still there. Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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