Scientific American Endorses Joe Biden For Its First Presidential Endorsement In 175 Years


    goombah99 shares a report from The Washington Post: Four years ago, the magazine flagged Donald Trump’s disdain for science as “frightening” but did not go so far as to endorse his rival, Hillary Clinton. This year, its editors came to a different conclusion. “A 175-year tradition is not something you break lightly,” editor in chief, Laura Helmuth told The Washington Post on Tuesday. “We’d love to stay out of politics, but this president has been so anti-science that we can’t ignore it.” In a nod to Trump’s embrace of anti-science conspiracy theories, Scientific American editors compared the people each candidate turns to for expertise and insight. Biden’s panel of public health advisers “does not include physicians who believe in aliens and debunked virus therapies, one of whom Trump has called ‘very respected’ and ‘spectacular,'” the editors write. The editor in chief of Science Magazine, the “apex predator of academic publishing,” according to Wired, also denounced Trump but stopped short of endorsing presidential candidate Joe Biden. goombah99 writes: “This may be the most shameful moment in the history of U.S. science policy,” writes H. Holden Thorp, a chemist and longtime university administrator. The editorial’s key point is that it was negligence but more like malice. “As he was playing down the virus to the public, Trump was not confused or inadequately briefed: He flat-out lied, repeatedly, about science to the American people. These lies demoralized the scientific community and cost countless lives in the United States.” This follows on an august issue’s lament over the dangerous policies of the unqualified presidential coronavirus advisor Scott Atlas: “Although Atlas may be capable of neurological imaging, he’s not an expert in infectious diseases or public health — and it shows. He’s spreading scientific misinformation in a clear attempt to placate the president and push his narrative that COVID-19 is not an emergency.” Thorp concludes his article in this prestige journal with a searing indictment “Trump was not clueless, and he was not ignoring the briefings. Listen to his own words. Trump lied, plain and simple.” Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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