Schiff Folds: Will Selectively Publish Russia Hearing Transcripts After Showdown With DNI


    Schiff Folds: Will Selectively Publish Russia Hearing Transcripts After Showdown With DNI Via, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff is planning to selectively release  information from some of the 53 declassified transcripts of witnesses that testified before Congress regarding the FBI’s Russia probe into the Trump campaign. This move, comes after a long battle against Republican colleagues, who are fighting to make all the transcripts available to the American public, said a U.S. official, with knowledge of Schiff’s plans. Schiff has been fighting the release of the transcripts. The decision for Schiff to publish a selective portion of the 6,000 pages of transcripts comes after a recent public showdown with Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, who is also fighting to make all the transcripts public. In fact, Grenell reiterated in a letter Wednesday that if Schiff doesn’t make the transcripts public then he will release them himself. Interestingly, the committee voted unanimously in the fall of 2018, to make all the transcripts public after declassification, which has already been done. “Schiff’s planning to selectively leak to the liberal media what he wants, while keeping the truth from the American people,” said one source, familiar with Schiff’s plans. Schiff’s office did not immediately respond to an email for comment. A congressional source familiar with the issue said “the committee voted in the last Congress to publish all the transcripts together, precisely to avoid any staged release calculated for political effect.” “Schiff has had possession of most of the redacted transcripts for a long time, but he used the fact that he didn’t have all of them as an excuse not to publish any,” said the congressional source. “If he selectively publishes just some of them now, it’ll be rank hypocrisy.” Allegedly Schiff is also having his senior subcommittee staff director and counsel with the intelligence committee contact the various heads of the intelligence community asking them to challenge plans by Grenell to release the transcripts, which were declassified prior to his arrival at DNI. Several sources, familiar with Schiff’s actions, have stated that his refusal to release the transcripts is based on information contained in the testimony that will destroy his Russia hoax propaganda. “Schiff has been sitting on a lot of these transcripts for a long time,” said a Republican congressional source. “They were using this as an excuse to ensure that the White House wouldn’t have access to the transcripts, now he wants to selectively leak and that’s the game he plays – he’s definitely shifty.” Tyler Durden Thu, 05/07/2020 – 18:25


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