Remdesivir Distribution Causes Confusion, Leaves Some Hospitals Empty-Handed


    States are beginning to receive cases of an experimental COVID-19 drug that the Food and Drug Administration authorized for emergency use on May 1. But the distribution process so far has puzzled some hospitals and states about why they’ve been left empty-handed. Gilead Sciences, maker of remdesivir, said it would donate its initial supply of the medicine. The federal government is in charge of coordinating where the treatment is to be shipped, with “hospitals in cities most heavily impacted by COVID-19” getting the top priority, according to a company statement . But problems were soon apparent. “We learned a lot of lessons from the remdesivir situation,” FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn said during a coronavirus hearing before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions on Tuesday. “More will be allocated according to methodology to get the drug where hospitalized patients are.” In the first week of May, a dozen states received nearly 50,000 vials of remdesivir, an


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