Orthodox Jewish Women Take A New Lead In Talmud Study In Israel


    Among devout Orthodox Jews, the intense study of Talmud is no longer just a man’s world. Women are increasingly delving into this central religious work, and American expats in Israel are at the forefront of the trend. They’re following a custom called Daf Yomi , Hebrew for “daily page,” which involves reading a page a day of this centuries-old, multivolume collection of rabbinic teachings, debates and interpretations of Judaism. It takes about seven years and five months to read all 2,711 pages. Some 3,000 women of all ages attended their first-ever large celebration for the completion of the Talmud, at a convention center in Jerusalem. Tanya Habjouqa/NOOR for NPR In early January, as Orthodox Jewish men held gatherings to mark the end of the cycle, called Siyum HaShas , Orthodox women in Israel held their own large-scale Talmud celebration for the first time. Some 3,000 women of all ages cheered in a Jerusalem convention center, according to the event’s organizers, Hadran . “I never


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