OpenAI’s Codex Turns Written Language Into Computer Code


    A new AI system can read written instructions in conversational language and transform it into working computer code. From a report: The model is the latest example of progress in natural language processing (NLP), the ability of AIs to read and write text. But it also points towards a future where coders will be able to offload some of their work to AIs, and where ordinary people may be able to code without actually learning how to code. Today OpenAI is releasing an improved version of its Codex AI model and releasing it for developers for private developers through its API. Codex is a descendant of OpenAI’s massive text-generating model GPT-3, which was released last summer. But while GPT-3 was trained on a huge quantity of language data taken from the internet — enabling it to read and then complete text prompts submitted by a human user — Codex was trained on both language and billions of lines of publicly available computer code. Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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