New Blender Add-On Accurately Models Subatomic Particles, Involves Community with Contest

    60 writes: To build and model the universe from the Planck scale to galactic scales requires an incredible number of mathematical computations to simulate particles and their interactions, yet the framework of nature and the physics of these interactions should be simple. Blender’s physics engine provides a good base to begin this project, but it will take work from the community to accurately model subatomic particles. That’s where “Quantum Microscope” comes in. It’s a newly open sourced add-on for Blender that simulates subatomic particles and the formation of matter using classical physics. “It provides a microscopic look at molecules, atoms, atomic nuclei, particles and spacetime, using the theoretical model from Energy Wave Theory,” explains its web page, linking to a video summarizing some of its features. And that’s just the beginning, writes Slashdot reader atomicphysics: A contest begins September 1, 2020 for developers to enhance the add-on, or create a new simulator meeting project requirements to use classical physics for the quantum realm, with at least $15,000 in prizes being awarded over the next year. Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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