Netflix Captures One Man’s Weird, Wonderful Mission to Contact Aliens by Playing Kraftwerk


    NetflixThe aliens aren’t coming—they may already be here! Or, at least, that’s what recent news suggests the U.S. government suspects.Just this past week, the Pentagon announced it was creating a new task force to look into the existence of UFOs that may have been witnessed flying around and over U.S. military bases. That development was spurred by a New York Times report that, despite previous statements to the contrary, the Pentagon has been carrying out a covert program—dubbed the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force, which was tucked inside the Office of Naval Intelligence—to investigate American pilots’ encounters with mysterious aerial vehicles (seen in videos such as these). Even former Senate majority leader Harry Reid came out in support of that endeavor, since it had the potential to unearth evidence of extraterrestrial life or, just as importantly, foreign nations’ efforts to spy on the nation with groundbreaking aviation technology. No doubt all of these bombshells on the E.T. front were of great interest to John Shepherd, a rural Michigan man who’s the subject of Netflix’s latest fascinating short, John Was Trying to Contact Aliens. Premiering on August 20, director Matthew Killip’s 16-minute film is a testament to the spirit of exploration and innovation. Moreover, it’s a sweet and subtly profound portrait of the universal desire for something more—which, for John, meant finding creatures residing somewhere in the vast cosmos. Until, that is, he found what he really wanted here on Earth.Read more at The Daily Beast.


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