‘Murder Hornet’ Meme Inspires People To Kill Pollinators En Masse


    An anonymous reader writes: You really can’t make this stuff up, but Americans across the country, out of fear of “murder hornets,” have begun killing all kinds of bees en masse. According to Doug Yanega, senior museum scientist for the Department of Entomology at UC Riverside, a national panic has led to the needless slaughter of native wasps and bees, beneficial insects whose populations are already threatened… “Folks in China, Korea and Japan have lived side by side with these hornets for hundreds of years, and it has not caused the collapse of human society there. My colleagues in Japan, China and Korea are just rolling their eyes in disbelief at what kind of snowflakes we are…” “I don’t want to downplay this — they are logistically dangerous insects. But having people in Tennessee worry about this is just ridiculous. The only people who should be bothering experts with concerns about wasp IDs are living in the northwest quadrant of Washington (state). And really, right now, nobody else in the country should even be thinking about this stuff,” he continued. “The facts are, experts said, two dead hornets were found in Washington last December, a lone Canadian live nest was found and wiped out last September and no live hornets have yet been seen this year,” reports the Associated Press. And when they spoke to the Washington Agriculture Department entomologist working on the state’s response, he issued an additional correction for all the journalists covering this story. “They are not ‘murder hornets.’ “They are just hornets.” Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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