MSNBC: Parler Does Censor, Removes Users, and Really Hates Trolling


    For seekers of a right-leaning free-speech utopia, “Parler may turn out to be, in the end, a false refuge,” warns Marc Ambinder at MSNBC: First — sorry, folks — Parler does censor. It removes users, regularly. It does not actually seem to tolerate hate speech, and because it’s a much smaller platform, it might even be more efficient in finding and exorcising it than the social giants. Oh, and the founders really, really don’t like trolling. This includes the sort of trolling that feeds the outrage cycles on Twitter, the trolling that includes scatology and expletives and “unrelated comments.” [Parler also says they’ll enforce their rules against obscene user names, any kind of pornography, and even the spamming of “people trying to speak” with “unrelated comments”] Also, dog poop. Parler doesn’t like dog poop… On Wednesday, [Parler CEO Dan Bongino], of all people, had to knock down what might have been Parler’s first piece of conservative-on-conservative viral misinformation: a screenshot of a Fox News chyron alleging that George Soros was actually the owner of Parler. “Friends,” Bongino wrote on Twitter (!), “This is a photoshopped image. THIS IS NOT REAL. There are people who are desperate to take down Parler who are spreading BS hoping you’ll buy it. I OWN PARLER. This is the 4th or 5th time I’ve had to fight back against this stuff.” Sorry, Dan. It won’t be the last. Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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