Michigan Gov. Whitmer: States Won’t Open ‘Via Twitter’


    President Trump has claimed to have the authority to “open up the states” once the threat of the coronavirus subsides. State governors — and constitutional experts — disagree. Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, the state with the third-highest number of coronavirus-related deaths in the U.S., told All Things Considered on Tuesday that science and medical advice will guide her decisions on when to ease stay-at-home restrictions. Here are selected excerpts of that interview: Can I just get your response to the president saying he gets to decide when states open up? I was asked this yesterday at my press conference and I explained, the government’s not going to be open via Twitter. We’re going to have to make decisions based on the best science, the best medical advice and what’s in the best public health of the people of our individual states. We’ve had to act unilaterally at the state level, and we’re probably the best ones to be able to make a decision when it’s time to


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