Miami-Dade Commissioners Pledge To Remove ‘Dixie Highway’ From Roadways


    Miami-Dade commissioners pledged Tuesday to remove “Dixie Highway” from county road signs after the board’s senior African-American declared the longstanding name a tribute to the states that fought to keep Americans enslaved during the Civil War. “Dixie Highway was named for the Dixie states. … The Dixie states seceded from the union because they wanted to continue the inhumane institution of slavery,” said Commissioner Dennis Moss, who represents South Dade, where Dixie Highway is one of the busiest commuting routes. “This is what the name ‘Dixie’ stands for, and it is why we are having this discussion today.” No road name was changed during Tuesday’s County Commission meeting. Moss said he was preparing legislation to order road crews to rename roads that have carried the Dixie Highway name for decades, and then lobby Florida to do the same for all counties that the road runs through. But fellow commissioners endorsed his plan without reservations, as did the county mayor. Read


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