Madrid residents are restless for green space during city park closures


    On warm spring evenings, citizens in Madrid, Spain, take their daily exercise during time slots allotted by the government. Children are allowed out until 7 p.m. Those over 70 take the next shift until 8 p.m., and then it’s everyone else’s turn.  Related: Kids in Spain venture outside for the first time in weeks The city’s often narrow sidewalks are packed with people getting some relief from being cooped up all day at home — but you won’t find anyone in Madrid’s beautiful parks. The coronavirus hit Madrid, Spain’s capital city, harder than any other city in the country. Madrid mayor José Luis Martínez Almeida has kept parks closed to stop large gatherings. But citizens are increasingly angry with the lack of green space in a city where most residents live in small, cramped apartments.  Related: This Spanish trio makes socially conscious music under lockdown Enter Jose-Luis Mazón Costa, a lawyer who calls himself a Don Quixote for the 21st century. Like the protagonist of Miguel de


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