Lou Dobbs Seethes: ‘Even Fox News’ Is ‘Pushing the Lie’ That Trump Disparaged Military


    Fox Business host Lou Dobbs blasted his own network and colleague on Tuesday over Fox News’ corroboration of The Atlantic’s eye-popping report that President Donald Trump called fallen military heroes “losers” and “suckers,” claiming Fox had no “evidence whatsoever” to back up the story.Dobbs, an informal presidential adviser who former Trump officials say acts as a “shadow chief of staff,” began Tuesday’s broadcast of his Fox Business program by tearing into The Atlantic’s report and media outlets who have confirmed all or parts of the story.Calling it a “coordinated attack” by Democrats and the media, the pro-Trump host groused that social media platforms didn’t place a “fact check label” on what he described as a “hit job” against the president.Read more at The Daily Beast.


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