Journalist Who Predicted He Would Be Murdered by Hezbollah Found Dead


    Reuters TVWhen Lebanese anti-Hezbollah publisher and documentary-maker Lokman Slim didn’t return home after visiting a friend in a rural village on Wednesday night, his sister Rasha had a very bad feeling. Her brother had been increasingly worried about his fate even predicting last year that if anything happened to him, Hezbollah, the Shia Islamist militant group whose Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc political party is highly influential in Lebanese parliament, bore “full responsibility for what happened and what might happen.”Rasha al-Ameer posted urgent messages on Facebook and Twitter at dawn, including one in which she said she had lost contact with her brother. “My brother Lokman Slim left Niha from the south 6 hours ago, en route to Beirut and he has not yet returned,” she wrote. “His phone is not answered. Whoever knows about him can contact me please.” A few hours later, police found his body in his car with two fatal bullet holes in his skull.Friends of the outspoken Hezbollah critic had at first assumed he was kidnapped, concerned over increasing threats after a recent television appearance in which he criticized the drastic political situation in Lebanon and called for action to form a new government. Slim, 59, had recently amplified his criticisms, asserting on Arab News that “the claim to the neutrality of Lebanon today, despite its importance, remains unenforceable in light of Hezbollah’s domination of the country and the government.”Read more at The Daily Beast.


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