James Damore Silently Ends Lawsuit Against Google


    “The high-profile discrimination dispute between Google and one of its former software engineers has quietly come to an end,” reports USA Today. “Ex-Google employee James Damore has moved to dismiss his lawsuit against the internet giant two years after alleging discrimination against conservative white men.” Damore worked as an engineer at Google before being fired in 2017 after criticizing the company’s efforts to improve diversity among its workforce… On Thursday, Damore and three other men involved in the suit made a written request to the Santa Clara Superior Court in California to drop the charges. Google also signed the motion, which was first spotted by Bloomberg. “This matter is dismissed in its entirety,” Judge Brian Walsh wrote in the order. A lawyer for the men told Bloomberg his clients are prohibited from saying anything beyond what’s in the court filing. Bloomberg provides some context: In 2018, Damore suffered a setback when a National Labor Relations Board attorney concluded the engineer’s use of biological stereotypes in his widely circulated memo was offensive enough to cause disruption in the workplace, making his firing lawful… In August Google posted internal rules that discourage employees from debating politics, a shift away from the company’s famously open culture. Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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