“It’s Over, America”: Tulsa Police Major Says Cops Across Country On Verge Of Quittin …


    “It’s Over, America”: Tulsa Police Major Says Cops Across Country On Verge Of Quitting Tyler Durden Sat, 06/13/2020 – 21:00 A Tulsa, Oklahoma police major says he’s “extremely concerned” that cops across America are on the verge of quitting amid global protests against law enforcement. “Every department, every officer you talk to is looking to leave,” Maj. Travis Yates told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” adding that he is “extremely concerned” for the future of law enforcement. Yates told Carlson that held felt morale among law enforcement officers “was really low” following the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown by then-Ferguson, Mo. police officer Darren Wilson. “As everybody knows, President Obama’s administration found no evidence of wrongdoing in Ferguson even though the narrative is quite different …,” he said. “We were making a resurgence in recent years and this [George Floyd’s death and the aftermath] has been devastating. This has been Ferguson times 1,000. Every department, every officer you talk to is looking to leave.” -Fox News https://video.foxnews.com/v/embed.js?id=6163811077001&w=466&h=263Watch the latest video at foxnews.com Yates published a column last Friday on the website LawOfficer.com titled “America, We Are Leaving.” In it, he recalls growing up in a law enforcement family – and characterized police as “Men and women of all races with the same mission, to make the community safer.” 27 years has passed and if you would have told me the condition of law enforcement today, I would have never believed you. The mentally ill used to get treatment and now they just send cops. Kids used to be taught respect and now it’s cool to be disrespectful. Supervisors used to back you when you were right but now they accuse you of being wrong in order to appease crazy people. Parents used to get mad at their kids for getting arrested and now they get mad at us. The media used to highlight the positive contribution our profession gave to society and now they either ignore it or twist the truth for controversy to line their own pockets. -Travis Yates “I wouldn’t wish this job on my worst enemy,” wrote Yates. “I would never send anyone I cared about into the hell that this profession has become … I used to talk cops out of leaving the job. Now I’m encouraging them. It’s over, America. You finally did it You aren’t going to have to abolish the police, we won’t be around for it.” Yates told Carlson that “officers are afraid to speak out, they are afraid to talk,” adding “You are only your next call away from being canceled or destroyed, and so officers feel very limited. I think citizens do, too, and we had just as many citizens comment on that article and send us emails.” According to Yates, some officers feel stuck because they haven’t worked long enough to earn a pension. “The officers with 15 years on can’t leave yet,” he said, adding “I’ve heard from hundreds of people that are discouraged. They love the job, they love the community, they love the people, but all this chaos is wearing them every single day.” Last Tuesday, NYPD union boss Mike O’Meara railed against the MSM for ‘vilifying’ the police, saying “Stop treating us like animals and thugs and start treating us with some respect.” [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzlrSWSyJpw]


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