Investor’s Naked Selfies Ignite #MeToo Moment: Female Founder Fights Back


    The experience of raising money last year bewildered Elizabeth Giorgi at first. Almost always, she pitched her startup company, Soona, to an all-male audience of investors. “People would assume that my male colleague was the founder and not me,” she says. “I would occasionally have people ask me about whether or not I have children or if I was planning on having children anytime soon.” There were few women Giorgi could turn to. Many young companies look to venture capital investments to fund their early years, but that’s an industry dominated by men. According to All Raise, a group advocating for women in business, 85% of partners at venture capital firms are men, and a large majority — 71% — have no female partner at all. And the industry has had its share of #MeToo problems — as Giorgi says she soon personally experienced. Last February, she found an investor who seemed keen on her vision to expand Soona, a same-day photo and video startup she co-founded. He agreed to invest. Then


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