Incel Who Fantasized About Killing ‘Hot Cheerleaders’ Pleads Guilty to Bomb-Making Charge


    Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office A so-called incel who fantasized about blowing up a shopping mall and killing “hot cheerleaders” pleaded guilty Friday to one count of possessing an unregistered destructive device.Cole Carini of Richlands, Virginia, reportedly idolized mass shooter Elliott Rodger, an “involuntary celibate,” or “incel,” who in 2014 murdered six people in California and injured 14 others before taking his own life. Many legal scholars say incel-related violence, which has been linked to at least 53 deaths in recent years, is a form of domestic terrorism. The “incel movement” is comprised of young men who feel angry at women for rejecting them.The Carini case, however, includes a previously unreported twist: His mother testified in court this summer that her son in fact was in an ongoing physical relationship with a steady girlfriend over the past two years. At the same time, an FBI agent said he found writings by Carini that explored the possibility of killing both himself and “a female named Jamie,” which was his girlfriend’s name, according to court records.Read more at The Daily Beast.


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