Here’s What Is In The ‘Families First’ Coronavirus Aid Package Trump Approved


    President Trump signed a second coronavirus emergency aid package into law Wednesday evening, after it passed with overwhelming support from the Senate. The legislation follows a first emergency funding bill , which allocated roughly $8 billion for coronavirus prevention, preparation and response efforts. The latest package, named the Families First Coronavirus Response Act , responds to the growing health and economic crises with provisions for paid sick leave, free testing and expanded unemployment benefits. Each of the agencies getting funding must give a report on how the money has been used within the next month. Here’s a breakdown of what the act includes. Free testing The legislation seeks to make testing for the coronavirus free to the public (without having to use deductibles or copayments). It includes a variety of waivers in order for testing costs to be covered by either insurance or government programs. Additionally, it includes a temporary 6.2% increase in federal


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