Gov. Ron DeSantis Says Feds Should Consider Domestic Travel In Coronavirus Response


    Gov. Ron DeSantis said Saturday that the Trump administration should consider domestic flights in the ongoing effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus in Florida, where dozens of cases have been discovered. “What we’re seeing here is cases now where people would’ve clearly acquired it somewhere else in the United States, brought it here,” he said during a news conference in Tallahassee. “Given Florida’s relationship to people from New York, you have a lot of interaction.” DeSantis said the state is starting to see some cases come from other states, especially New York, where there are more than 500 cases statewide. The majority of the Florida cases are also connected to overseas travel. DeSantis said there were six cases from Broward County — which has highest number of cases in the state — that involved travel from Ireland. On Saturday, the Trump administration added both the United Kingdom and Ireland to a 30-day travel ban from Europe. Originally, it applied to 26 European


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