Google Spells Out Consequences of Apple’s Privacy Push and IDFA Changes


    Apple has prioritized user privacy over targeted advertising, and Google is spelling out today what that means for itself as well as game and app developers. From a report: Apple is advocating its App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy, which will require developers to ask for permission when they use personal data from other companies’ apps and websites for advertising purposes, even if they already have user consent. It will ask users to opt-in if they will allow advertisers to use their data via the Identifier for Advertisers, or IDFA. Many tests show that many users won’t allow it, and that means they won’t be so easily tracked for advertising purposes. This change could have a huge impact on the mobile advertising ecosystem, as it could make it harder to target users efficiently with advertising. Eric Seufert, a user acquisition expert, said on Monday that he believes that Facebook could suffer a 7% revenue hit — a loss of tens of billions of dollars over time — as a result of the IDFA changes, and it’s no secret that Facebook isn’t happy about the impact on itself as well as small businesses. At our Driving Game Growth event on Tuesday, Facebook leaders pointed to the IDFA changes as creating uncertainty for mobile games in 2021. Google, which could also be impacted by the policy change, has stayed out of the fray — until today. “Today we’re sharing how Google is helping our community prepare, as we know that developers and advertisers in the iOS ecosystem are still figuring out how to adapt,” said Christophe Combette, group product manager for Google Ads in a blog post. Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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