FSF Plans to Launch ‘Forge’, a Code-Hosting/Collaboration Platform


    An anonymous reader quotes SD Times: The Free Software Foundation (FSF) announced plans to launch a public code hosting and collaboration platform (“forge”) this year. Members of the FSF tech team are currently reviewing ethical web-based software that will help teams work on their projects, with features like merge requests, bug tracking, and other common tools. “Infrastructure is very important for free software, and it’s unfortunate that so much free software development currently relies on sites that don’t publish their source code, and require or encourage the use of proprietary software,” FSF wrote in a blog post. “Our GNU ethical repository criteria aim to set a high standard for free software code hosting, and we hope to meet that with our new forge.” As of now, the team said it has been researching a list of candidate programs and analyzing them in terms of ethical and practical criteria. The FSF blog post adds that “We plan on contributing improvements upstream for the new forge software we choose, to boost its score on those criteria… “We’ll communicate with the upstream developers to request improvements and help clarify any questions related to the ethical repository criteria.” Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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