Fox News Anchor Baselessly Warns About ‘Gangs’ Stealing Mail-In Ballots From USPS Boxes


    Fox NewsFox News “hard news” anchor Trace Gallagher warned viewers on Monday morning that “gangs that lie in wait” at post-office boxes could possibly steal their mail-in ballots, wondering aloud “what’s to stop them from grabbing” those ballots.Interviewing Postal Police Officers Association president Frank Albergo on America’s Newsroom, Gallagher brought up a recent report that the U.S. Postal Service is ending daily patrols from its police officers meant to protect the blue collection boxes and mail vehicles from robberies.The police union has pushed back on the order, saying they fear it could lead to thieves stealing ballots. Previously, the main concern for the postal police had been mail thieves looking to target mail containing credit cards or checks.Read more at The Daily Beast.


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