Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney Rips Google and Apple In Defense of Nvidia’s GeForce Now


    bigwophh writes: As the number of publishers pulling out of Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud game streaming service continues to grow, the company has found an ally in Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, who vowed on Twitter to “wholeheartedly” support the company’s efforts. He also took potshots at Apple and Google over the royalty rate each one charges on their respective app stores and expects them to go to battle as game streaming gains momentum. “Just waiting till later this year when Google is lobbying against Apple for blocking Stadia from iOS, while Google blocks GeForce Now, xCloud, and Fortnite from Google Play, and this whole rotten structure begins collapsing in on itself,” Sweeney added. It remains to be seen how things will pan out with GeForce Now. Nvidia maintains that “game removals will be few and far between” and that it has 1,500 additional games queued up. However, Nvidia only has so much control over the developers willing to continue supporting the platform. “Epic is wholeheartedly supporting Nvidia’s GeForce Now service with Fortnite and with Epic Games Store titles that choose to participate (including exclusives), and we’ll be improving the integration over time,” Sweeney wrote. He also called GeForce Now “the most developer-friendly and publisher-friendly of the major streaming services,” which is based on Nvidia not charging any “tax” on game revenues. “Game companies who want to move the game industry towards a healthier state for everyone should be supporting this kind of service!” Sweeney wrote. Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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