Ellen’s Strange ‘Apology’ Won’t Satisfy Anybody


    NBCContrition is bad TV. Maybe that’s why it almost never happens.Don’t be mistaken. There have been iconic televised moments of apologies, moments that set the zeitgeist aflame when they happen and thereafter generating debate for ensuing decades. But they’re never satisfactory, because television, let alone celebrity, is not a hospitable host to earnest regret. And those watching at home, so cynical and so bloodthirsty, are rarely bothered to have the open hearts necessary to receive them.When someone says sorry on TV, people don’t believe them. They’re merely acting, listening to crisis managers, or desperately gasping for air while drowning in controversy. Certainly, it’s never done satisfactorily. They don’t say the thing Person A wants to hear or reference the caveat Person B needs to have acknowledged in order to move forward. Or the thing that Persons C-Z were tuning in to see—the person crushed and canceled on live TV—doesn’t happen.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here


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