Colorado Aims To Use Pandemic To Expand Funding For Broadband Access


    Colorado and federal lawmakers want to put big money into more efforts to expand high-speed internet access. From a report: In Colorado, about 90,000 rural residents and 65,000 students across the state do not have access or adequate access, according to a recent Colorado Broadband Office report. A state-level stimulus measure unveiled this week proposes spending $50 million to $75 million to extend broadband to more parts of the state — the third-largest item in the package. The money would essentially double what the state spends on the initiative now and help replace diminishing revenue from a 2018 law that fell well short of its goal. Congress also set aside $7 billion in funding for broadband in the December COVID-19 relief package. And now Democrats want to allocate another $94 billion and offer a $50 monthly discount on internet service for low-income Americans. Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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